5 Things Not To Think About When You Start To Write A Book

The mind is capable of wonderful things. Buy your own mind can hinder you in achieving your goal, if you follow the negative thoughts and let them construct a highway in your brain.

So here are 5 things not to think about when you start to write a book:

1. I’ll never finish!

You just started it! Seriously? Well, you shouldn’t write one book all your life, but if you keep stressing yourself out, constantly thinking about how to end it, when are you going to enjoy writing itself? If you keep writing eventually you will reach to the end of it! Stop worrying! Tips for that: take deep breaths, drink a cup of lemonade, let yourself be absorbed in your work instead of thinking about the end of it.

2. It’s not good enough!

Well, if you never try you’ll never know. Another wisdom for you: practice makes perfect. And another one (the last one, I promise): experience is the best teacher. 🙂

It is good to be critical of one’s own work, you can be your own best critic, if you don’t overdo it! Seeking perfection is also praiseworthy. But don’t fall into the trap of disparaging your own work, especially at the very beginning. That can seriously hold you back from achieving your goal!

Sometimes you cannot find the right words at the beginning, or write the best opening line in the first draft, so cut yourself some slack! You’ll get better, just keep going! And make the little self-bully in your head shut up!

3. Noone will read it!

That is a really depressing thought. There are some writers who allege they don’t write for anyone, only for themselves. I don’t find any reason why I wouldn’t believe that. But for most of us this idea is like a nightmare. We write because we want our work to be read. There are no guarantees for success. But really noone? Again, you are at the starting line. You’ve got a powerful lot of possibilities and opportunities ahead of you! Why would you listen to the voice in your head that always follows the worst scenario?

4. I have to rewrite it!

Yes, indeed. You will have to rewrite it! But not right now.

Keep writing! If you rewrite your first page a thousand times you won’t get anywhere! Just go ahead and trust me, you will have plenty of time to do a second and third draft.

Some people rewrite their drafts after finishing a chapter. Some finish the whole book before doing that. Do what works for you. Just don’t get caught up in an endless whirlpool of rewriting. I did that when I wrote my first novel and it was really holding me back!

5. I’ll figure out the rest as I go along!

No, no, no, no, noooo! Don’t do this to yourself! That is a very bad idea! Your work will be a mess, and you will face writer’s block, confusion and lots of vasted drafts!

The time you spend on plotting and outlining your work at the beginning will come back to you in a multiplied amount during the writing process! This is the best way and the only way to write a larger work of fiction, unless you are a super-genious, hyper-intuitive free spirit, who has a graphic memory and a perfectly ciselled style already.

More 5 things connected to writing coming next Tuesday!

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