Me and My Muse

Welcome to my blog! 🙂

Here I write about books, bookish stuff, bookshelves, reading and writing, poetry and philosophy, my own poetry and philosophy, faith, poems and about my upcoming book(s).

By the way, Fairygamaw isn’t me. My name is Johanna, I’m a freelance writer, I write mainly fantasy/sci-fi. I imagined FG and she imagined (or re-imagined) me. She (sometimes he) is my so-called muse, but (s)he doesn’t like this expression – it’s too Greek. (S)he’s rather fairy-like, a giant, fearsome dragonfly, blue-ish, green-ish, sometimes benevolent, sometimes malevolent. I had to tame her/him into my book, otherwise (s)he would’ve whispered my whole life into a chaotic, dusky mess.

But I have to give credit to him/her. So thank you, my muse-fairy! Danke!

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