Inspiration – Two Poems In the Spirit of Autumn

A couple of years ago I have written a poem but I didn’t know it was a replika to a poem I have read when I was a child. So this year I have found this poem and it made me remember the other one, thus I have translated the Hungarian poem to English and it resonates really well with my poem. It’s as if my mind had a secret dialog with the long deceased poet. 😀

It’s raining outside and I have this cozy feeling… It’s a good time to post these two poems. Here they are:

Dedication by Lajos Áprily

Forgive me. The meadow was frosty,

very purple the mountain,

the forest was a giant red stain,

fogive me: I found no flower.

But I couldn’t come empty handed:

where death its mighty tunes chanted,

I made a petal-less bouquet,

red berries, red sway.

But now give me your soul: slender vase,

which still keeps summer’s wine –

and the charm of withering away

wraps it in a ruddy shine.

Headless Stem (by me :P)

I couldn’t find winter-hardy flowers

Even Santa Claus was hibernating

Winter barley was off limits

on the winter market no petals at all

I had to slide to you in my pelisse

when my snow-tyres were deflated by

razor-sharp icicles Excuse me

but I couldn’t bring you blossoms

So please take this poem instead

as a clumsy dedication –

a headless stem

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