the trail of a gazelle’s hoof left behind

the rattling asphalt under wheels to grind

a drunkard’s swing away from the wall

on a drain a ring’s tapping fall

a chair-squeak without any risk

a turn on the corner with a sudden whisk

the opening of petal-less lips

the abyss-dip of atrophied leaves

the deep denting in a tectonic plate

a cloud of jackdaw flouncing as fright-freight

a frightening flouncing’s jackdaw-like steam

the dented tectonic plate’s freight-deep dream

the diving leaves’ abyss-happiness

the lipless petals are rather ravenous

the whisk-less turn of the face and chair

the tapping of the drain is a ring-like flare

the wall’s drunk swing away from everything

the grinding asphalt above the wheels forgetting

the trail of a gazelle’s hoof backwards started to move

I’m releasing the absolutely not releasable


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