Yesterday I Wanted To Travel Through Time


Yesterday I thought I’d write you a postcard, an e-mail,
or phone you or just enter the wire or the radiowave,
and land with the power of a combat plane in your living room.
All I wanted to say is that, well, how should I start it…
I just thought you needed to know that, well, it’s hard to put it
into words. Whew, this is hard, I need a drink.
My bravery started to shrink. What was I saying?
Yesterday I wanted to travel through time and be there with you
at lunch-time, while at my place lunch-time would’ve been the day
before yesterday. Yesterday I was determined to tell you,
well, in words, out loud, in black and white, simple-mindedly,
well, just the way things are, you know, about us.
Here’s the thing, here goes nothing, listen up:
I think you need to know, and I want to tell you,
I always wanted to, ever since it happened, I don’t know how,
it doesn’t matter, where was I, oh yes, the thing –
I need to tell you how much I l…
No, it’s better if we see each other, we need to talk.
Can you Skype tomorrow? Today? Maybe this moment?
I need to tell you
how much I l…
How much I love you.
I love you.

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