Kids Are One of the Best Inspirations


I collected some funny things kids around me said. They can be the source of the best stories!

  • Something was very loud. The child said: “The air sticks my head through my ears.”
  • The child was playing when I crossed the room. “Aren’t you dizzy?” he asked. “Aren’t you afrain you will fall into the sea?”
  • Looking at old family photos: “When I wasn’t, where was I?”
  • At a funeral, listening to the preahcer: “Mother, this isn’t eternal life!”
  • Playing hide and seek: “When I come close to you but I cannot find you, please yell: Here I am! So that I may find you!”
  • “Don’t throw the banana away! It is half full!”
  • “The surprize shouldn’t be that there’s no surprize!”
  • “Father, when you will have a birthday, give some to me as well!”
  • “When I am afraid at night, I wish the angel would come and sleep with me in my bed.”
  • It was a thunderstorm. “The clouds are angry.”
  • To the Nanny: “When you weren’t old, who were you?”
  • About a deaf friend: “The words come out through her eyes.”
  • After the first time she heard the expression: et cetera, she called her doll Etcetera.
  • “When I pray, my heart feals like it’s chocolate.”

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