The Woman In White Said – 7. About Home


We don’t need much stuff!

You need me, I need you.

And we’d love to have a house…

Just a rectangle-base,

on it rectangle-walls,

a neat little rectangle-house.

In it a kitchen,

in the kithcen a fridge,

three-legged table,

three three-legged chairs,

some memories and a gas-cooker.

To write, I’ll need a laptop,

to sleep just an alcove,

a slanting wardrobe,

a big and a small bed

in the corner.

We’d need a bathroom,

and on the side a washing machine.

That’s enough!

A rectangle-base,

nice, padding words,

on it rectangle-walls,

my arms, your arms.

We don’t need much stuff,

that’s quite enough!

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