The Golden Wooled Rams – Hungarian Fairy Tale Collected by Elek Benedek, Part 2.

He threw about one-two stacks of hay again and let his sheep eat it all. Next morning came, and the giant was there as well. He yelled from afar:

„Quickly, lad, quickly kill thirty-three sheep and one golden wooled ram for me, because I didn’t eat breakfast today!”

What could he do? He killed thirty-three sheep and the golden wooled ram as well. The giant ate all of it in three bites and walked away merrily.

He had thirty-three sheep and one golden wooled ram left exactly. His heart wept when he looked at them. If the giant eats these as well, he can go out into the world lonely as one finger.

The third morning came as well, and the giant arrived, shouting from afar:

„Hey, lad! Are those sheep still alive? Kill them all in an instant, because if not, you will die a terrible death!”

The lad begged him, implored him to leave that small flock alive, but the giant didn’t want to leave him one sheep-tail.

„Hey, do you hear me?” said the giant to the lad. „Don’t stall for time! Tear the sheep out of their skin at once! If not, I will mock you to death!”

The lad killed all of the sheep, the ram as well, threw the huge amount of meat into the cauldron, and stirred it, stirred it with a long staff bitterly.

Suddenly the giant, (who knows, what he was thinking?), lay down near the fire and fell asleep.

„Why, just wait, you godless monster,” thought the lad, „I know one thing: you will not eat from this meat!” Then he took one spoonful of grease out of the hot cauldron and threw it on the eyes of the giant. The giant cried a horrible cry and sprang to his feet.  He treaded here, he treaded there, he wanted to trample on the lad somehow.

„Why, you little mite,” cried the giant, „you have taken my sight but be careful not to end up in my hands because then you will suffer!”

He walked here, he ran there, he circled around, but he didn’t have enough wit and sight to catch the lad. The giant thougth: „You will never-ever in a million years catch him this way, silly! You have to do it with brains!” He started to butter him up, fawningly ask him to take him here and there if he blinded him wickedly, and with sugary words promised him he will do him no harm.

„I will not take you anywhere!” said the lad. „You would like to eat me as well, wouldn’t you? Well, you will certainly not!”

The giant said: „I can see, that you are not easily outwitted, shepherd boy! Fine, go with peace! But since I have eaten your flock, I don’t want you to suffer, I will give you a ring, put that on your finger, and you will see how useful it will be to you when you’re on your own in the world.”

The giant threw down a ring to him, and the lad quickly put it on his pinky finger.

Well, as soon as the ring was on his finger, it started to yell:

„Here, here, blind giant! Here, here, blind giant!”

Hey-ho! The lad was alarmed, because the giant started to come in the direction of the ring’s voice. Well, what should he do? The blind giant will surely trample him to death! He tried to take the ring off, but that stuck to his finger like a leech and he couldn’t take it off. What could he possibly do? He suddenly took out his pocket-knife and cut his finger off. There was a fathomless lake nearby and he threw his finger with the ring into it. The ring was yelling even in the lake: „Here, here, blind giant! Here, here, blind giant!”

The giant went after it, and he suddenly stepped into the fathomless lake. He sank and he never saw the blessed sun of God again.

„Well, I don’t have to be afraid of him anymore” said the lad. „But now I have to go alone into the world.”

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