The Golden Wooled Rams – Hungarian Fairy Tale Collected by Elek Benedek, Part 3.

The lad went, went, wandered in the thick forest. As he was walking he met a horribly big black bear. He wanted to run away but the bear said to him: „Wait, hey, don’t run away, because I have business with you! Do you know, who I am? I am the brother of the giant you have blinded. I could kill you, but I will spare your life. But I’m telling you one thing: you should not dare to get married ever in your life, because if you do, no matter how far away you are in this world, I will find you and you will die a terrible death.”

The lad swore that he will never get married, how could he, when he has nothing on this planet. Then he went away sadly. Oh, he was so sad, because he thought: „What is my life worth if I can never get married?”

He went, went, reached the end of the forest, and there he found a house. In that house lived a widow with her daughter. He went in, greeted them, and the woman asked him what was his business.

„My dear Aunt, well, I’m looking for work. Could you hire me as your servant?” answered the boy.

The widow liked the boy and took him in as her servant. One year passed, two years passed, and t  elad was still living in the house of the widow. He couldn’t leave them because he had a great crush on the widow’s daughter. The girl loved him as well, and the lad one day came forward and asked her hand from the widow.She said she didn’t mind, if they love each other they sould ring the churchbells.

The lad forgot in his ardent love what the bear said and made a big wedding feast, buti n the middle of the celebration he suddenly heard a terrible growl from the door. Why, he was so frightened! This is the bear! And endeed, it was him. He was pounding along in his direction.

The lad said to his betrothed:

„My love, we have to part ways. I forgot, that I am never to get married in this life. That bear, who’s coming this way, is about to kill me.”

The lad cried, the girl cried, the said their goodbyes, but in order to always remember each other, they tore one ring into two and one handkerchief into two. The girl took half of it, half of it the lad, and that’s how the lad went into hiding. He said he was going to the end of the world.

But the bear yelled after him: „This time you were saved, but be careful, because I will find you, even if you hide under the earth!”

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