NaNoWriMo – I Must Be Crazy! :D

I am totally doing this!!!

  • What does a griffin actually look like? Noone has ever seen one in my circle… 😛
  • How does it feel to be scratched by a giant dragon and then end up in the ER?
  • What if you woke up one day not being sure whether you were sane or loosing it?
  • How did the silly donkey end up with the Wanderer? Why is there a silly donkey anyway?
  • If you don’t have a heart, and you’re still alive, how does your blood flow in your bloodvessels? Magic might be a tad bit simplistic, right?

So, inbetween stacks of books, I am so determined to be ready for this madhouse by the end of October! But I had to post this, because I know myself – I have to be accountable!

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