Autumn Breakfast by Dezső Kosztolányi


This is what autumn brought. Cool fruit

on a glass bowl. Heavy, dark-emerald

grapes, jasper-bright pears,

its countless, exuberant, glorious jewels.

Waterdrop runs on a berry,

and rolls away, like the diamond.

It is the grandeur, unpitying, serene,

introverted perfection.

It would be better to live. But the trees across

are waveing to me with their golden hands.

Inspiration – Two Poems In the Spirit of Autumn

A couple of years ago I have written a poem but I didn’t know it was a replika to a poem I have read when I was a child. So this year I have found this poem and it made me remember the other one, thus I have translated the Hungarian poem to English and it resonates really well with my poem. It’s as if my mind had a secret dialog with the long deceased poet. 😀

It’s raining outside and I have this cozy feeling… It’s a good time to post these two poems. Here they are:

Dedication by Lajos Áprily

Forgive me. The meadow was frosty,

very purple the mountain,

the forest was a giant red stain,

fogive me: I found no flower.

But I couldn’t come empty handed:

where death its mighty tunes chanted,

I made a petal-less bouquet,

red berries, red sway.

But now give me your soul: slender vase,

which still keeps summer’s wine –

and the charm of withering away

wraps it in a ruddy shine.

Headless Stem (by me :P)

I couldn’t find winter-hardy flowers

Even Santa Claus was hibernating

Winter barley was off limits

on the winter market no petals at all

I had to slide to you in my pelisse

when my snow-tyres were deflated by

razor-sharp icicles Excuse me

but I couldn’t bring you blossoms

So please take this poem instead

as a clumsy dedication –

a headless stem

Autumn Is Coming!

And I am ready to embrace the mild weather when I don’t have to gobble down tons of ice cream to survive… 🙂 Not to mention that I don’t have to throw out my brain in the scorching hot but still ear-cutting current – I just cannot think in this heat! So here is my favorite funny poem about autumn – just to show my enthusiasm!

by Eve Merriam

In the skue-bly sprays of ding
when yaffodils are dellow,
and tragnolia mees are mellow
then I feel a fively lellow,
fively lellow.

In the good old tummer-sime,
when lovers spike to loon,
and molden is the goon;
then I hum a tappy hune,
tappy hune.

When the autumn teaves are lurning,
and there’s lost upon the frand,
still Thanksgiving’s hose at cland;
so I’m feeling grimply sand,
grimply sand.

When the winter blorms are stowing,
and the snow is hiling pigh,
and nothing dreems to sy;
then I’m glad that ug am snI,
ug am snI.

Keep This World

My beloved niece, Emma

Keep this world,

my dear Emma!

Noble nests shivering in sunshine-tears,

beauty-barks swimming in willowflares,

woozy worms crawling on bare buds,

wintercoats blown by zephyr studs,

snaildrops clambering on the chalice of silence,

silky siskins hiding on green grass islands,

hallowed heron sleeping on the arms of reed,

quaint qails resting in the embrace of weed.

Protect this world,

my dear Emma!