Gratitude Journal – 2nd Week

I’m grateful for moving because…

  • I realized I own more stuff than I need and can give the surpluss away;
  • I grew to be more patient with myself and Granny;
  • I feel the new environment to electrify me – the ideas to write come swarming;
  • I could experience the love of people who never showed it to me before;
  • I am making more friends in a new place.

5 Mistakes Nervous/Shy/Humble Writers Commit

In my humble opinion and short experience these are the following:

  • To always double-check everything in the writing process and every time loose a little bit of their confidence.
  • To easily be depressed by any criticism they get.
  • To always think their writing is lacking when they compare it to other pieces of work.
  • To not even try to get acknowledgement or to publish because of the fear of rejection.
  • To talk ill of their own writing or of themselves.

Can anyone relate to this? I know I can. 😦 Sometimes I don’t even have enough patience for myself…

5 Mistakes Nervous/Shy/Humble Writers Don’t Commit

  • To think their idea is very original and genious.
  • To do agressive advertisement on social platforms.
  • To trust the opinions of family members and friends – or anyone who doesn’t criticize harshly their writing, and in the meantime to not take seriously the criticism they get.
  • To do sloppy research or to fail to invest in necessary resources.
  • To boast about their work to every stranger they meet.

Gratitude Journal – 1st Week 2nd.


I’m happy today because:

  1. Home is a long drive away, and I can travel with my family all day long.
  2. We have unpaked lots of boxes before we left, so we made some progress in moving.
  3. I have some very devoted friends who care for me even now that life separated us.
  4. My sister is the best ever!
  5. I have found the love of my life and that tops everything.

Kids Are One of the Best Inspirations


I collected some funny things kids around me said. They can be the source of the best stories!

  • Something was very loud. The child said: “The air sticks my head through my ears.”
  • The child was playing when I crossed the room. “Aren’t you dizzy?” he asked. “Aren’t you afrain you will fall into the sea?”
  • Looking at old family photos: “When I wasn’t, where was I?”
  • At a funeral, listening to the preahcer: “Mother, this isn’t eternal life!”
  • Playing hide and seek: “When I come close to you but I cannot find you, please yell: Here I am! So that I may find you!”
  • “Don’t throw the banana away! It is half full!”
  • “The surprize shouldn’t be that there’s no surprize!”
  • “Father, when you will have a birthday, give some to me as well!”
  • “When I am afraid at night, I wish the angel would come and sleep with me in my bed.”
  • It was a thunderstorm. “The clouds are angry.”
  • To the Nanny: “When you weren’t old, who were you?”
  • About a deaf friend: “The words come out through her eyes.”
  • After the first time she heard the expression: et cetera, she called her doll Etcetera.
  • “When I pray, my heart feals like it’s chocolate.”

Mother Alone


(My mother and I on the picture.)

Bed, table and wardrobe as tubby icicles,
memories dusting on them as snow-particles,
whitely effaced mirrors and muffled shadows,
(she looks for a way to cheat the gallows,)
the lack of presence creates an early winter,
she lingers in the room as a frozen whisper,
the plush-animals watch her as glass-eyed ghosts,
the ice-cream carpet keeps the unforgettable jokes.

The mother let her child go out into the world.

Gratitude Journal – 1st Week


I have decided to write a gratitude journal, and to post some of it at least once a week. I will enlist 5 things I am grateful for that day or that week. I have to stop focusing on the negative things in my life and this should help. If you would like to share things that you are grateful for, feel free to do so in the comments.

Here is today’s list:

I am grateful for:

1. A very friendly puppy with candy-eyes on the road back home.

2. Pretty shells in my whale-large bag.

3. Salty wind blowing my face.

4. Ice-cream in the car with family.

5. The giant ruffles of the rare seen sea.



the trail of a gazelle’s hoof left behind

the rattling asphalt under wheels to grind

a drunkard’s swing away from the wall

on a drain a ring’s tapping fall

a chair-squeak without any risk

a turn on the corner with a sudden whisk

the opening of petal-less lips

the abyss-dip of atrophied leaves

the deep denting in a tectonic plate

a cloud of jackdaw flouncing as fright-freight

a frightening flouncing’s jackdaw-like steam

the dented tectonic plate’s freight-deep dream

the diving leaves’ abyss-happiness

the lipless petals are rather ravenous

the whisk-less turn of the face and chair

the tapping of the drain is a ring-like flare

the wall’s drunk swing away from everything

the grinding asphalt above the wheels forgetting

the trail of a gazelle’s hoof backwards started to move

I’m releasing the absolutely not releasable

Grateful Psalm



For blood-warming and mellow music to the heart;

for smooth milk, blue cheese, mint-tea, Turkish delight;

for sea-waves clapping and dancing in the morning light;

on the valiant mountain for all the depth and height;

for every cat-tail, warbler’s wing, all nature’s might;

for every shiny memory and moment that is star-bright

as well as for every thunderstorm and starless night;

for every breath, smile, wink of and eye that is worth the fight;

for every good in the bad, joy in the sad, sane in the mad, beauty in the sight;

for every quiet corner, misty street, pretty violet and wind-kite;

thank you for my loved ones and quirky enemies, dear God;

thank you for my whole messy, sassy, chaotic, awesome life!


Your thoughts bubble

up in the sink of your head.

A rainbow they juggle,

above your sofa they spread.

Even your fears chuckle

at the corner of your bed.

As tiny ears they snuggle:

there’s no time to be sad.

You’re mellow, you hustle

out every fretful shred.

You’re yellow, you’re supple,

you’re silently ginger-glad.

You’re soft as a cherry gum,

you don’t need any struggle.

You’re miles away from

any big trouble.