Gratitude Journal – 3rd Week

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I am thankful today for the gloomy or sunny, peaceful or loud, obscure or pretty, but always blessed Sunday mornings,

  • because I can drink my coffee and eat my bread ‘n butter in quiet and in the warm safety of my house — noone is threatening my life or my family’s safety, and no war is casting it’s shadow on my community;
  • because I can dress up in my favorite stuff, take my baggy bag and weird hymnbook and go to the church I like, sing the songs I know and worship the God I believe in — there’s noone to persecute me for my beliefs and noone to deny me the freedom to openly practice my religion;
  • because I can always have a little chat with my mother over a toast before getting ready — both of my parents are still alive and thriving in a healthy marriage that gives me such a wonderful feeling like nothing else;
  • because I can stay in bed a little longer than usually on the mornings of the rest of the week — I truly enjoy the free time Sundays offer;
  • because I like mornings in general and Sunday is always special in a way — it is the last day before the next Monday! 😀

Gratitude Journal – 1st Week 2nd.


I’m happy today because:

  1. Home is a long drive away, and I can travel with my family all day long.
  2. We have unpaked lots of boxes before we left, so we made some progress in moving.
  3. I have some very devoted friends who care for me even now that life separated us.
  4. My sister is the best ever!
  5. I have found the love of my life and that tops everything.

Gratitude Journal – 1st Week


I have decided to write a gratitude journal, and to post some of it at least once a week. I will enlist 5 things I am grateful for that day or that week. I have to stop focusing on the negative things in my life and this should help. If you would like to share things that you are grateful for, feel free to do so in the comments.

Here is today’s list:

I am grateful for:

1. A very friendly puppy with candy-eyes on the road back home.

2. Pretty shells in my whale-large bag.

3. Salty wind blowing my face.

4. Ice-cream in the car with family.

5. The giant ruffles of the rare seen sea.